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This deck is intended for Tribal Wars; a casual MTGO format in which at least a third of your deck must be creatures that share a single creature type. There are no sideboards.

I'm also on a very tight budget so the cheaper the better; anything above 1 MTGO ticket per card is too much unless it would have a big impact as a singleton in the deck and/or it would be useful in several of my decks.

Thanks for checking out my deck and I greatly appreciate suggestions and +1s.

Temur Splinter Twin combo the way it was most definitely not meant to be played. Wins by either suiting up Bounding Krasis or Breaching Hippocamp with Twin for infinite creatures or by generating card-advantage with Wavebreak Hippocamp and all the flash creatures/instants and beating the opponent down with a bunch of wet Fish.


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This deck is Legacy legal.

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