Concept: Cast Hazoret, and then Harmless Offering her away. Screw her. We don't need her. Cast auras like Thunderous Might, then hopefully "tricking" my opponents into discarding their hand to use her. Then, either drop a Stuffy Doll or Maze of Ith to totally backfire your opponent when they can finally attack. Then use Mark of Mutiny her, pump her, and swing. Return her, rinse, repeat.

Disclaimer: This version is optimized for 1v1 EDH, not a Pod game. Once you reveal how you win with the first person, the bluff is over and you just need to go straight for it to have any sort of chance.

In the case where the combo don't work, we have plenty of Traitorous Blood cards and Helvault cards to deal with opponent's creatures. Pyrohemia helps with mass removal.

Sword of the Ages + Hazoret the Fervent + Fiery Mantle + Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx + Rings of Brighthearth = almost one shot kill win.

Living Lands (Mutavault) are simply there for the Portcullis combo.

What I'm currently looking for is more consistent ways to get the combo, more mana for the OTK, and whether or not the cards in the maybeboard could be useful.


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