This is my first Commander deck! I started with a Commander I thought would be fun, which is Tsabo Tavoc, being that she has Protection from and can destroy other Commanders. From there, I decided to go with an assassin/kill/death theme all around. Of course that means there are single-target kill spells and kill abilities, but I have a good amount of board kills as well. Most of the creatures are assassins, but I've got some other killers as well, and a couple of angels for flying coverage and because my local playgroup loves angels. Tsabo Tavoc matches the old EDH Elder Dragons in power, so Commander damage is a viable Wincon. I can also potentially hit with a surprise Fireball for fatal damage. But my really sneaky assassins (though only 1 is an actual Assassin) are Virtus the Veiled and Phage the Untouchable. I've got haste/shroud/hexproof/unblockable effects to help them get through. Even though this isn't the strongest deck (it's not super fast), it's fun, has some sneaky cards, and can definitely make a memorable impact in any given Commander game. Comments are welcome and appreciated!


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I made a few small changes. Added Shizo, Death's Storehouse and a Canyon Slough I picked up. Also took out Fireball and added Silence the Believers. My local playgroup loves white and auras.


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