Hey friends, this is Jund... but in Standard! That decklist will be updated with each new set or rotation. Also 1 month or less before rotation, I will update the deck and make it "Rotation Proof".

  • Merfolk Branchwalker : This creature is here because is a veru powerful drop 2.

  • Gruul Spellbreaker : With the riot ability of this creature, we can choose two options: Be aggresive (giving hast), or put a +1/+1 counter on it, making a big 4/4, that is great to attack, but it's also great to defend.

  • Llanowar Elves : Thanks to sdh101 for that suggestion. I think that all of us known the function of that card cough CMC3 on turn 2 cough.

  • Legion Warboss : This creature is an poderous Drop-3, and it it helps us to press the opponent thanks to the bunch of 1/1 that it creates.

  • Rekindling Phoenix : It is a dangerous creature to our oponent, because it is invulnerable to a great part of the removals, except for Vraska's Contempt and Lava Coil . And to kill it our opponent normally will have to use 2 removals that 1 of this he could use against other creatures.

  • Doom Whisperer : It is other dangerous creature because it is a BIG 6/6 with flying and trample, (demons with trample! :D) that also can Surveil 2 to have good draws.


  • Vraska, Golgari Queen : She is useful especially by her second ability, that is like a Abrupt Decay that we can use multiple times. Her first hability is so good because can give life and value to us or only we can use it like a reload to use more the Abrupt Decay ability. Normally we will not use the ultimate ability, but it's great.

  • Chandra, Acolyte of Flame : In my opinion, this is a very good card, because she can do very useful things: Put pressure on the opponent, and give us card advantage. The fitst ability is only to to grow her to protect her or to use the last ability more times. The second ability puts pressure on the opponent, attacking with two 1/1. The last ability is the ability that makes her good, because we will use it like a Snapcater Mage or costs 3 or less.

  • Chandra, Awakened Inferno : When I saw this card I thought: THEY ARE CRAZY. Why? Because there is no way to avoid the first Emblem, since this Chandra can't be countered, and when a player cast Chandra, he or she has priority, and then he or she may activate any ability. Then the opponent loses 1 life each turn, and the player that casts Chandra, just have to survive until the opponent dies cause the emblem. The best is that if Chandra survives you can create the emblem another time, and another, and another...

This card is great in control decks, and in this deck is one of our win conditions,

  • Shock : Removal against little creatures, but also with planeskalkers, (I see you Teferi, Time Raveler ...) Thanks to Sagoth for the suggestion!

  • Lava Coil : Basically a removal that can exile perilous creatures that active abilities in the graveyard, like the popular Arclight Phoenix

  • Assassin's Trophy : Great removal, but I only use 2 because against aggro decks isn't very good.

  • Bedevil : It's great against all decks. Maybe the only problem is that with is a bit difficult to cast it fast.

  • Cast Down : Another of the most played removals of standard. Nothing to say about it.

  • Duress : It's useful against contol and other decks with dangerous spells or planeswalkers.

  • The Elderspell : With decks that plays a great number of planeswalkers it's great. We eill use it against Jeskai Wakers, 4 color and sultai Dreadhorde, and all the superfriens decks.

  • Vivien Reid : With Vivien we can get value with her [+1] ability and we can use her [-3] like a Plummet or a Naturalize . Normally we will not use the ultimate and is great against Golgari Midrange strategies.

  • Carnage Tyrant : We will use it against control, and also is usefull against decks with much removal like Golgari.

  • Leyline of Sanctity : We will use it against aggro decks that are focused on burn strategies. We can't cast it from the hand, so we will do mulligan (to 3 or 4) until we found it, and that will be more easy than you think thanks to the london mulligan.

  • Flame Sweep : Basically it's good against aggro, and it doesn't deals damage to our Rekindling Phoenix or Doom Whisperer (and I think that it can be inportant).

  • Cindervines : It's a good card against control and other decks with many noncreature spells like Izzet Drakes. It is also good to the artifact-enchantment hate.

  • Grafdigger's Cage : Basically, that is the answer against Phoenix, Vannifar, or other decks that return creatures from the graveyard to the battlefield, or cast spells from libraries like Vivien's Arkbow . Another important thing about this card is that if we add it to the main in the second game, we will cut Rekindling Phoenix , because the Cage also affects our Phoenix.


Updates Add

With a great part of the spoilers revealed, I made updates to that decklist:

The most important is that the plan of the deck changes a lot. Before that update, the decklist had more creatures and less spells, but now it has drop 2 and 3 creatures, the 2 Big Bois Rekindling Phoenix and Doom Whisperer , and a lot of removals that make the deck less aggresive and more interactive.

With this update the planeswalkers of M20 are:

Also, in the sideboard there are many changes with the new collection:

You like that update? What would you change? Tell me in the comments!

TheSimikBOat :)


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