Hey friends, this is Jund... but in Standard! That decklist will be updated with each new set or rotation. I hope U like it!

If tou have any question tell me in the comments please.


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The latest builds of this deck were very creature-based, and I wanted to make a list more similar to the Modern Jund. The problem was that there wasn't any cheap card that provided us card advantage in a similar way to Dark Confidant. But now with Ikoria we have Chevill, Bane of Monsters!

The only condition that Chevill asks us is to kill the opponent's creatures, something that this deck does well, and appart of cards it gives us life, and it doesn't matter if he is legendary, we can play four copies anyway because if we have one on the battlefield and one in hand we can use the one that is on the battlefield to block and kill a creature thanks to the deathtouch. Also, the deathouch is great, because the opponent won't attack us with an important creature because we can kill it blocking.

Chevill is not the only addition in this Ikoria update: Heartless Act is an excellent removal, joining Doom Blade, Go for the Throat, Ultimate Price and some more cards in the list of great low-cost black removal. I think that this is the best removal of standard right now, and is a very important addintion for the deck.

Also I included Easy Prey as a sideboard removal against low CMC aggro decks like Mono Red, and probably some kind of Human Tribal deck that can appear thanks to General Kudro.

I hope you like the new list.

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