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secret preparation turn per level before entering every match. Players cannot affect each other in any way during preparation.)- BACKPACK Use your Maybeboard to write down your items (Start every match with UP TO 6 of your backpack items already on the battlefield. At the end of a match, each item you own that is still on the battlefield under your control or in your hand is put back into your backpack.)- SPELL BOOK Aka Sideboard (Whenever you rest in an inn or a library, you may study your spell book (rearrange your deck by swapping cards with any of your sideboard cards). You CANNOT use your sideboard to modify your deck anywhere else.)*- ####Go to MAIN MENU.- ####Read QUEST MAGIC's RULE page here. - ####QUEST MAGIC has been created by Vincent Godin-Filion.



majorsnake says... #1

looks really good but i hit the play test button to check out the draw and i couldnt draw any of the artifacts. i would maybe sideboard 2x artifacts in place of 2x Smelt just in case you get stuck with two Kuldotha Rebirth s and no artifacts. i use Perilous Myr just cause i like their shock effect when the leave the battlefield but it looks like a good deck. maybe add Goblin Lackey s or Goblin King (i'd side board him). and maybe just maybe if you can find one Goblin Charbelcher its not a goblin, but it acts like one its pretty cool check them out.

August 27, 2012 12:51 p.m.

Askani28 says... #2

@majorsnake in this Quest Magic format there's a bunch of items the character uses that are artifacts (check out the Maybeboard, it's the character's Backpack). So there's no point in putting more artifact in the deck for Kuldotha Rebirth , unless he runs out of bad items to throw away Loll.

Great character by the way! How does he fare in the game?

August 30, 2012 7:01 p.m.

chickeneatman says... #3

First of all Askani I made this deck as my modern goblins found out about the game then converted it to that so majorsnake's comment was back when this was a regular deck just an fyi. And I have actually done really really well didn't lose a single battle ( I even battled the eldrazi (sure i made them a bit easier ;) )) But I haven't found a single use for the planeswalkers yet I tried them in here but I never used them they just got in the way. Whats your character? Link him I'd like to check him out!

August 30, 2012 10:08 p.m.

Askani28 says... #4

Ahhh that explains the comment :)

So with this character the game is easy to play through? Haha perfect, its intended to be set at "Easy" when playing a Modern character! The Planeswalker allies can be extremely useful for many type of characters, but not necessarily for yours. Iff a character is very fast, aggro-oriented, the Planeswalkers seem to slow things down too much yep. But for a mana-ramping or control character, or for any tough defensive deck, they can be very good. Anyway the items and scrolls are mostly there for players who find the game too hard, so they can modify their character to adapt. Glad you're not needing any help!

August 31, 2012 1:50 a.m.

Askani28 says... #5

Sure take a look! (I created the game so I made a fake account to playtest it, to be sure nothing had been left marked as "private".)

QUEST MAGIC: Jade Seed, Druid of Might

QUEST MAGIC: Obsidius, Spiritual Archon

QUEST MAGIC: Javid Dakins, Negamage

August 31, 2012 1:55 a.m.

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