Centaurs and wurms and rhinos, oh my! All these critters and more will be yours to command when Trostani shows up, while she gains you butt-tons of life along the way. Needless to say, if there's a token that Green or White can produce, Trostani wants to be friends with it. With Trostani, you slowly but surely ramp your army up, increasing your numbers, buffing your buddies, and working your way up to some of the baddest fatties you've ever laid eyes on. You might take a few punches in the early game, but unless it's commander damage, who cares? Trostani will be gaining you all that life back anyway! This deck already functions pretty solidly, but I guess I'm looking for some ways to streamline the deck, however that might be done. It needs to be done on a budget though, since I don't feel like dropping 30 bucks on Elesh Norn or Avacyn. With that being said, enjoy overrunning your friends with your zoo, and let's hear any advice you might have!



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