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Trolling 101, with Professor Norin

Commander / EDH* Burn Combo Mono-Red


Norin is the ultimate warrior. No questions asked

A friend of mine doesn't think I can make a good EDH deck without spending a lot of money on cards.

So that prompted me to make this. Its essentially a lockdown style deck that causes chaos literally everywhere. Enough to disrupt everything and give me the upper hand. And hopefully convince him never to underestimate my deck-making skills again.

Also, breaking Norin the Wary is pretty fun. I WANT THIS DECK TO TROLL HARD. Its become a zero [email protected]#%'s game of EDH whenever I play this deck. Always brings lots of fun.

Its not supposed to win, just provide a lot of laughs until i get hated off the bored.

Suggestions and +1's please!


Updates Add

This deck was a star at my play-group's game night last night. While it didn't win any of the games, it did manage to disrupt the field enough to keep one player from comboing out a la Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind , and others from playing spells thanks to Confusion in the Ranks . He forced a board wipe twice just because of the crazy enchantments he had supporting him. The craziest play in the deck had to be a top deck Gate to the AEther playing of Boldwyr Heavyweights while Pandemonium and gratuituous-violence were in play. The deck did close to 40 damage in one turn to an Angus Mackenzie player when everyone ganged up and used the Pandemonium effects.

Overall I am very pleased with how this deck turned out. Its very casual and has the ability to win without being too serious about it. However, I'd love to see Goblin Game resolve at least once in my lifetime before i quit playing magic. People have no love for that card for some reason...