A very simple and effective burn deck with the added bonus of triple casting a spell.

Blistercoil Weird + Dual Casting = triple cast. With this combo Dual Casting does NOT copy the copy, instead it copies the initial spell twice. This does NOT create an infinite combo.

Here's an example of how the stack breaks down using Lightning Bolt to get a triple cast.

Lightning Bolt is cast. Blistercoil Weird's effect goes on the stack. Activate Dual Casting and tap Blistercoil Weird. The copy of Lightning Bolt resolves, Blistercoil Weird resolves and untaps. Before the initial Lightning Bolt resolves pay 1 R, activate Dual Casting and tap Blistercoil Weird again to get a triple cast. Now imagine miracle Thunderous Wrath, 15 damage for 3 R.


Ohthenoises I wash my hands of this weirdness

MinscAndBoo izzet trollface


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