NEW Now, I've been testing the Original Commander for this deck, Daxos of Meletis for about 15 games since I first posted this list. I needed more card draw, and every time I could cast him, something better was available, and I found myself not using him, which really makes me sad. I wanted to do a weird artifact deck around a commander not typically likened to an artifact deck. Looking at my binder I came across a copy of Ephara, God of the Polis . From comments on the deck and just looking through the list again, I have a lot of token generators, so why not try and use her? This deck will be focusing on being a more, tokens based artifact deck. Using artifacts that make tokens and just good artifacts in general!

Why Azorius?

  1. Azorius is just a good color pair for this type of deck. Blue provides the most artifact synergy and draw/protection, while white adds some good things such as removal and Open the Vaults . Think of this as a black-less Esper deck.
  2. Ephara lends to a TON of card draw with cards such as Retrofitter Foundry ! It may only be one a turn with other token producers (which I plan to change to repeatable token makers [Maybe a Trading Post ?), but that's still an efficient amount of card draw for this deck which tends to run out of steam sometimes.

Why NOT Esper?

  1. I feel each Esper commander for artifacts is figured out and overdone: Yes I want this to be a strong, 50%-75% deck, but I want to figure it out as I go rather than look at bunches of decklists and primers of already done things.

  2. I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on Fetches and Dual lands for a tri-color deck: It IS possible to make a deck like this on a budget as esper, but I feel a lot of my funds in upgrading would be poured into just making the mana more consistent, even with all the mana rocks.

3.I love Azorius: Really a personal thing here. I love the Azorius on Ravnica and cards like Dovin Baan from Kaldesh. This is an underused color combo for artifact decks, and think it could be really strong!

Lemme know how I can improve the deck, while keeping it Azorius!


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