Sideboard is cards im contemplating removing. maybe board is cards im contemplating putting in.

Combo/synergy notes:

Some Amulet of Vigor combos:

Patron of the Moon + Storm Cauldron => Infinite mana, Infinite Landfall triggers (Infinite Mana assuming we're making more than 1 mana each time we tap a land)

Meloku the Clouded Mirror + Patron of the Moon => Infinite mana, Infinite Landfall triggers, Infinite 1/1 Illusion tokens - assuming we have a mana doubler, or just use Crumbling Vestige for infinite loops.

Patron of the Moon + Uyo, Silent Prophet => Infinite mana, Infinite Landfall triggers, Infinite forks.

Combos not requiring Amulet of Vigor :

Crumbling Vestige + Vesuva + Cloudstone Curio + Patron of the Moon + Altar of the Brood or Hedron Crab

Have Crumbling vestige in play, Play Vesuva entering as a copy of crumbling vestige, generating one mana, and returning crumbling vestige to hand, then use the mana to put Crumbling vestige into play. Loop infinitely for infinite landfall triggers! Note: if this is done with Caged Sun in play, then each ETB will generate 2 mana, and thus the combo will make infinite mana.

Patron of the Moon + Oboro Breezecaller + Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx => Infinite mana, Infinite Landfall triggers. Nykthos was taken out, as it was rare to get enough devotion, will reconsider putting it in.

Patron of the Moon + Oboro Breezecaller + Lost Vale (+2 Islands) -> Tap the three lands. We now have three tapped lands and 5 mana. Use 4 of the mana to use Oboro Breezecaller 's ability twice on Lost Vale . Tapping Lost Vale twice during this combo produces 6 more mana. Use 1 mana to put 2 lands in play with Patron of the Moon , tapped. We now have three tapped lands and (5-4+6-1) 6 mana. Repeat as necessary to go infinite. Replace the Lost Vale any two of: Caged Sun , Gauntlet of Power , Extraplanar Lens , Training Grounds , or Amulet of Vigor . Also works with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx when it produces atleast 5 mana total.

Patron of the Moon + any moonfolk with an ability that puts one land back in hand and only costs 1 mana (inc. Training Ground) + Amulet of Vigor + any of the artifacts that double mana from islands -> Infinite uses of that moonfolk's ability + infinite mana.

Cloudstone Curio + Sunscorched Desert + Walking Atlas + Retreat to Coralhelm = Infinite Sunscorched ETB triggers.

Other infinite mana stuff:
Walking Atlas + Retreat to Coralhelm assuming the lands returned provide enough mana on their own, we can loop it infinitely, as walking atlas will untap on each landfall. Combine this with Floodbringer , and assuming the land taps for 2 or more, we can go infinite quite easily.




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