I like decks featuring weird mechanics, themes, and alt win conditions. In this case, I was inspired by Revel in Riches and ended up adding Hellkite Tyrant and Mechanized Production as additional ways to benefit from the mass production of treasures and other artifact tokens.

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder doesn't directly synergize with this theme, but it is a strong commander in the colors needed and still makes cards into a two-for-one. There are several ways to make him unblockable, and there are other creatures such as Captain Lannery Storm, King Macar, the Gold-Cursed, and Thada Adel, Acquisitor that benefit from similar treatment.

While the main goal of the deck is to win via an alternate condition, there are several others ways to take advantage of the artifact token theme. Broodstar and Deadeye Plunderers can get huge, while Cranial Plating can enhance any creature in a similar way. Marionette Master allows you to sacrifice artifacts en masse to deal a huge amount of damage, while Tezzeret, Master of Metal and Feedback Bolt are great one shots to take advantage of your board.

Stealing creatures with Captivating Crew and making copies with Saheeli Rai seemed like a good way to either build up more artifacts, fuel for Ruthless Knave, and generally bolstering your roster. Additional token generators have a similar effect.

The main downside I'm seeing without having done any real testing, is that there is the potential for the deck to be a little slow and/or a little weak if it can't get an engine going. There will likely need be a balance between utilizing clues and treasures for card draw and mana, versus maintaining them as a win condition. Most of the creatures are fairly middle ground and there aren't a ton of strong defensive options.

I also ran into a bit of a problem deciding between cards like Ongoing Investigation and Ulvenwald Mysteries, versus Efficient Construction and Trail of Evidence. There are 20 non-token creatures, 20 instants and sorceries, and around the same in non-token artifacts. I chose the ones that seemed to have some board synergy regardless of what you happen to draw, even if the cards can't be fully utilized without some luck.

Feel free to check out descriptions of my Commander decks here.

The analysis of my decks are posted on GoogleDrive here.

The TappedOut folder for these decks are listed here.


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