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So this is my first standard legal deck since Scars of Mirrodin back in around 2008. The goal here is fairly obvious. Create as many treasure tokens as possible and use either Mechanized Production or Revel in Riches to get the win. Spell Swindle and River's Rebuke add some control elements to stop us losing to aggro decks, and Contract Killing will help control the board state and bag us some more treasures. Should we struggle to get enchantments to stick, Deadeye Plunderers gives an alternate win con. edit after seeing the synergy with Marionette Master I've decided to replace the Deadeye Plunderers as the alternate win con.

As this is my first true standard deck (i was just learning in scars) id love some help and feedback.

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Ok guys.... this deck is now nowhere near what it was like when I started. My initial idea was to have lots of treasure generators and lots of ways to win off of those. The problem with that plan was there was little opponent interaction and not a very good board presence. I’ve gradually taken this deck down the U/B control route and now think it looks a good deck that I’m looking forward to testing out at FNM.

Choices Tezzeret the Schemer provides repeated removal, additional mana, pump, or creature generation. That’s a lot of options for one slot.

Marionette Master is undoubtedly the easiest route to victory as sacrificing five treasures/etherium cells is enough to win.

Hostage Taker helps us to control the board and maintain a decent board presence.

Everything else is pretty standard control stuff. If you’ve any other ideas, leave a comment. As mentioned in my initial description I’m pretty new to standard and any advice is always appreciated.



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