This deck is built around Corpsejack Menace's ability and giving creatures trample. Rancor give things trample and Alpha Authority prevents destroy effects. Ulvenwald Tracker lets me get rid of fliers and other troublesome creatures. Essence Drain and Mark of the Vampire lets me regain life to stay in the game. Looking for some suggestions for this deck to help it run better at Friday Night Magic. I can't afford duel lands for a few weeks and really want to focus on making trample work.


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#8 in tournament @ Game Master — Feb. 8, 2013

15 players at the event.

Match 1: Lost 0-2 against Green/Red. Couldn't get any mana my first game, and just couldn't find my creatures for the second game.

Match 2: Won 2-1 against Blue/Black. My deck worked fine, did just what I needed it too.

Match 3: Lost 0-2 against Red/Black. The guys aggro deck just decimated me quicker than I could place blockers.

Match 4: Won 2-0 Against White/Black. Deck worked perfectly.

#9 in tournament @ Game Master — Dec. 14, 2012
#5 in tournament @ Game Master — Dec. 7, 2012

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