This is my take on artifact decks. Instead of a battle bots strategy I wanted to play cards like Master Trinketeer so a token strategy is our game. Here in our little workshop we make tons of thopters, servos, and just a few myr. These little guys aren't much on their own, but our line of experienced artificers can make more than our opponents can handle.

Big Players:

Anointed Procession Double the toys, double the fun.

Thopter Spy Network A little friend every turn, and they can draw us cards now.

Master Trinketeer A lord to our little guys plus he keeps making more. What's not to love?

Darksteel Forge A bit expensive, but it's the ultimate protection for our collection.

Whir of Invention Finds the best tool for the job.

Marionette Master Suddenly nobody wants to break our little buddies, isn't that great?


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