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Tormentor's Wake - Budget UB Discard

Standard Budget Discard U/B (Dimir)


Dimir Resource Control

The goal of this deck is to keep your opponent's hand empty, and their board clear while you slowly get them into lethal range for Torment of Hailfire.


Siren Stormtamer - Stormtamer has two main jobs in this deck. First is acting as an activator for the raid triggers on Chart a Course, Heartless Pillage, and Raiders' Wake. The second is to protect your other, more valuable creatures.

Kitesail Freebooter - A great turn 2 drop to get early information and possibly whittle down their hand a bit. Also works as a good raid enabler.

Gifted Aetherborn - A fantastic card for stalling the game while you get ready for Torment of Hailfire. Discourages your opponent from attacking, and helps you not fall too far behind if you find yourself racing. It is a prime target for removal, so use Siren Stormtamer for protection.

Dreamstealer - A 1/2 for 3 doesn't look that appealing on the surface, but if you can drop one on turn 3 and follow it up with a Raiders' Wake turn 4, he can swing in for 5 damage on his own. Eternalize also gives you a place to dump extra mana late in the game when you don't have a Torment of Hailfire ready to go.


Raiders' Wake - This card was my original inspiration to try to make this deck work. If you can get it out while your opponent still has a full hand, it can really start adding damage up quickly. Once their hand empties out its usefulness drops off a bit, but not entirely. Having Raiders' Wake out makes your bounce spells a lot more threatening. If you really find them emptying their hand quickly, consider trading some of these out for Torment of Scarabs. This is particularly good against decks that are running loot effects like Champion of Wits or cards with cycling.

Torment of Scarabs - A nice stax effect, punishes them for having an empty hand. Every turn this is in play makes the eventual Torment of Hailfire more dangerous. I would considered running four of these and no Raiders' Wakes vs decks that are emptying their hands quickly.

Instants and Sorceries

Duress - A nice turn one drop to learn about their hand and potentially remove some cards.

Unsummon - Early on Unsummon is alright at buying you time, but it really shines once you have have Raiders' Wake, Dreamstealer, or Heartless Pillage at which point it effectively becomes a kill spell.

Perilous Voyage - Similar to Unsummon, but has the added bonus of being able to hit non-creatures. The conditional scry also lets you fix your draw in some situations.

Walk the Plank - Creature removal. One of the big goals of this deck is to keep their board as empty as possible. This is especially important before you have discard mechanics to permanently get rid of bounced creatures.

Chart a Course - Draws cards.

Heartless Pillage - Empties their hand, does 4 damage if you have Raiders' Wake online, and generates treasure tokens for a bigger Torment of Hailfire.

Torment of Hailfire - This is your win condition. If you have kept their hand empty and their board clear this can easily hit them for 15 damage. Even if they survive they are likely going to have to sacrifice all their permanents to do so. Works even better if you have Raiders' Wake online, as it heavily discourages discarding any cards they have left to avoid the damage.


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