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Tony Hawk's Pro Scry II - Kefnet Voltron

Commander / EDH* Artifact Mono-Blue Spellslinger Turns Voltron




  • You will enjoy playing this deck if you like the puzzle of magic - having lots of decisions to make each turn and interacting with the board. Kefnet is a great commander because he has a solid statline, built in evasion, and a means of avoiding the commander tax when it gets too debilitating. His key ability of being able to copy spells allows you to chain extra turns together and accrue commander damage on your opponents to win the game. Moreover, the copy ability can also produce fun and unusual plays by allowing you to cast sorceries at instant speed, or get incredible value out of cards like Fabricate or bribery.
  • This deck differs from other Kefnet decks in that it doesn't aim to go infinite with extra turns by comboing with cards like'scroll rack,' or 'Jace the Mind Sculptor.' Instead, it leans into a more budget friendly voltron strategy and an appropriate artefact support package. This makes the deck cheaper, friendlier to the local meta, and very satisfying to pull off kills with (swinging with a 15/15 Kefnet is a joy).


  • There are many meta specific calls in my deckbuilding which should be acknowledged. Aggro go wide create combat is not prominent in my meta (so wipes like Evacuation, or pillowfort cards like Propaganda are not necessary), neither is blue in general (so don't require counterspells like spell pierce or dispel). Mass artefact removal is rare so I am exploiting that by overextending into artefacts.
  • The deck wants to work at instant speed as much as possible.
  • Cantrips and instant draw allow you to trigger Kefnet on opponents turns.
  • Kefnet shouldn't be cast if you don't have mana up to protect him (unless the very likely possibility that he dies is acceptable).
  • The counterspell package of the deck is meta specific and should be adjusted accordingly.
  • The wincon of the deck is to string a few extra turns together to win by cmdr damage. Apart from the very rare circumstance of having an isochron scepter with brainstorm tucked, it cannot produce an infinite turn lock: An opponent will have an opportunity to untap every 2-3 turns depending on what combo pieces are assembled.


  • Grafdigger's cage could be some much needed GY hate that hoses two prominent decks in my meta without affecting myself: A Zacama combo deck that uses green tutor spells like 'green sun zenith' to fetch creatures with ETBs to the battlefield, as well as the black or golgari decks that rely on GY recursion like Meren.


  • crystal ball
  • Emry, Lurker of the Loch


  • Rite of Replication --> Emry, Lurker of the Loch
  • Corrupted Conscience --> Swiftfoot Boots
  • Propaganda --> Tribute Mage
  • Wash Out --> Wipe Away
  • Emergence Zone --> Inventor's Fair ?? [ ____ ] --> Grafdigger's Cage
  • Teferi's Time Twist --> Muddle the Mixtures
  • Treasure Cruise --> Drawn From Dreams


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