A taxing, control sort of deck with a splash of weenies and Voltron. It sounds like an odd mish-mash, but its proven one of my more successful decks I run. Mono-white is... kinda the weakness of the deck, it ain't no Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, that's for sure. But mono-white can be one of the meanest colors when it comes to destruction of resources. Everyone feels the pain.

The goal is to eventually wear everyone down with taxing effects and some land destruction while I swing in with my mostly efficient creatures. Specifically, since Tomik is so cheap and has flying I hope to swing with him. Eerie Interlude is my replacement for Teferi's Protection until if/when I get my hands on one.

Why Tomik? He's an efficient two drop with flying. ... Real reason? Showing some LGBT+ pride.



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