5 color Sisay, Weatherlight Captain deck.

Makes tokens but also tutors for equipment and other legendaries as alternate wincons.

Wincon 1: Maze's End - If drawn early can win the game once 10 gates acquired. If drawn late, provides mana fixing and deck thinning.

Combo #1: Blackblade Reforged + Maze's End + Sisay, Weatherlight Captain - Once Maze’s End has been drawn, it can tutor for more Gate lands. Sisay can tutor for Blackblade after getting just a single +1/+1. Once attaching Blackblade she can tutor for pretty much any Legendary permanant in the deck.

Combo 2: Making a lot of 1 toughness tokens + Skullclamp - Pay 1, Draw 2.

Combo 3: Making a lot of tokens + Divine Visitation - Makes a lot of angels.

Combo 4: Angelic Exaltation + Blackblade Reforged + Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun + making lots of tokens - Allows us to make one creature huge. Can replace Temmet for Tajic, Legion's Edge to give it first strike.

Combo 5: Angelic Exaltation + Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin - If we can untap with Krenko on the board and a large amount of tokens on the board, attacking with just Krenko can do a lot of damage and create a ton of tokens.


Gameplan 1 (Voltron/Big Tutors): Play Sisay, Weatherlight Captain turn 3. On turn 2 or 4 play any legendary permanent to buff Sisay to 3/3 or greater. Ideally this is a token generator to sink mana. Turn 5 hold up WUBRG to tutor for Blackblade Reforged . Turn 6 equip Blackblade, and remaining 3 mana can be put into token generator. (Alternative to turn 6 is to tutor for Tensa, Godo’s Maul instead and equip for cheaper to pay into a more expensive token production.) Turn 7 pay WUBRG into Sisay to tutor for Bolas’ Citadel and play off the top.


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