This is a casual multi-player deck centered around your upkeep phase and token generation. It is designed to survive board wipes and MLD with ease, flooding your opponent with an army of tokens that grows every turn.

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Sliver Queen was chosen as the commander for 2 reasons.1) She's 5 color good stuff, allowing access to any EDH-legal card. This was imperative to use as many upkeep centered token generating cards as possible.2) She's also able to generate tokens

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Once this deck gets set up properly it becomes very difficult to stop without the use of direct damage or mass enchantment removal.

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There are several weaknesses that greatly limit the use of this deck.1) Sliver Queen will make you a large target at the table as everyone will assume you're running a sliver deck.2) It takes a while to get set up properly. This is due to many cards requiring the presence of a token generator to be useful. Certain cards are also only useful if you're playing enchantments non-stop (I'm looking at you Argothian Enchantress).


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