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Okay, so the name is just an inside joke. I had a single black token one night playing with the deck, hence the title. :P

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to look at my first Soldier deck. I'd like to point out that this deck is largely based on The Elspeth Soldier deck from the Espeth Vs. Kiora dual decks, though I did smash two of them together and got some stuff. So I call it "Elspeth with a side of Beef" deck.

I suppose the idea here is still largely that of the Dual deck, get out some relatively cheap soldiers with good abilities and good buffs, then buff them up more. I added a little protection on the spells end just so if big scary things come for key soldiers or early on I can try and save my ass a bit.

The other idea with the preeminent captains is if I draw into my bigger creatures and him I can cheat them out for a little cheaper, so I'd like to maybe find a really good tough(and mana expensive) soldier card to throw in there and maybe replace Elspeth as I never seem to get to play her. This deck doesn't seem to hold up well in multiplayer matches, but single player it does alright as it seems to be fairly aggro-ish. I still want to keep it Mono white and soldier based.

Any and all feedback is welcomed as I'm new to Magic The Gathering, and Tappedout.net. Thanks again for your time.


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