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This is my Maze's End lands-matter deck, a tribute to my love for lands. I started off playing angry Omnath which introduced me to the world of landfall mechanics and moved on to a four color landfall deck as I experimented with other colors. Dominaria introduced a slew of lands-matter cards which pushed me over to transition into this final iteration of my lands-matter deck, the perfect blend of control, landfall, and combo which I've always dreamed of. This deck is intended to be played in a casual pod and is in no way or form competitive in nature. Having no competitive restrictions allows me to be as creative as possible and to be able to include any cards that might help make the lands-matters deck of my dreams.



This is primarily a land-centric control deck. The goal is to set up my recursion engine and get my land count to more than 10 ASAP and during that process use CoA as a clutch when the boardstate becomes out of control before my engine is set up or when I have the relevant engine in play to lock out the board with CoA. Early to mid game is basically setting up my land and creature recursion engine with sac outlet lands as the glue to hold them together. Try to get Oracle of Mul Daya out if possible as she will propel this deck way ahead of everyone. This deck aims to drag the game into late game with recursion and boardwipes for the inevitability. There are an abundance of tutors to allow me to assemble my engine fairly consistently. The main parts of my engine is:

  1. Sac Outlet: Phyrexian Tower/High Market
  2. Creature Recursion: Volrath's Stronghold/Journey to Eternity  Flip/Conqueror's Galleon  Flip
  3. Land Recursion: Life from the Loam/Crucible of Worlds/Ramunap Excavator/Muldrotha, the Gravetide
  4. Multi-Land Enabler: Exploration/Azusa, Lost but Seeking/Mina and Denn, Wildborn/Oracle of Mul Daya/The Gitrog Monster/Wayward Swordtooth

After assembling the engine, I can usually finish up the game by using the following paths to victory depending on the situation:

Win Conditions


Since my commander "destroys" nonland permanents, it is imperative that I also include removals that can answer indestructibility and a variety of other threats:


I run a bunch of tutors which mostly get important engine pieces or lands:


The following helps to refill the hand for more gas:

Drownyard Temple

This card combos with the following to essentially keep land parity for a low cost of :

Amulet of Vigor

This card combos with every CIPT land but essentially able to turbo ramp into a win with Maze's End and any extra land engine.


The following are good intuition package to grab depending on the boardstate:

Realms Uncharted

The following are my favorite piles:

  • Thespian's Stage + Dark Depths + any other two lands (this will make sure that you get at least one land you need because there is a low chance your opponent will give you both of the combo piece)



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