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Modern* Artifact Infinite Combo Ramp



================ Strategy ================

Get an infinite mana combo going and win with either Banefire or Helix Pinnacle.
Although other cards could be used (like Red Sun's Zenith), I chose these two as they are very difficult to counter.

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============== Mana combos==============

Without infinite mana combos this deck would be worthless. I've decided to stick with two card combos as 3 card ones are too easy to stop.

1_ Enchant Bloom Tender with Freed from the Real, then tap for two mana and use one to untap. Rinse and repeat.

alt text alt text

2_ Activate Grand Architect's ability by tapping Pili-Pala for [2] which can then be used to activate Pili-Pala's untap ability to generate an extra point of mana. Rinse and repeat

alt text alt text

============== Miscellaneous==============

Drift of Phantasms works well as a blocker and as a tutor, while Forbidden Alchemy helps speed up the deck.

alt text alt text

I quite happy with the way this deck has been behaving, considering it started more or less as a joke.

Please comment away as I know it's far from perfect.


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