Hello & welcome! If you're a "spice" connoisseur too then you'll enjoy this deck.

Little backstory before more specifics. I'm sure you wonder, "Why not Tymna/Thrasios or even Tymna/Tana (BloodPod)". Well my savvy reader, the answer is just this: current meta. I originally considered BloodPod as I did not have a Partners deck yet, but found out how crucial having was in previous games to combat fast combo decks like BreakfastHulk. So I decided to explore Tymna & Kraum.

I chose Boonweaver as it was essentially a 2-card combo that could win through my hate cards. Goblin Bombardment also enabled the Leonin-Animate Dead combo which I added later. From there it was just adding creatures with tax-like abilities that also synergized with the Tymna beat-down plan. So cards like Thalia, Harsh Mentor, & Kambal. I still wanted a good top-end similar to what some BloodPod lists ran, so in came Elesh Norn, Consecrated Sphinx, & Inferno/Sun Titan. Now I have settled on CopyCat as my primary combo.

So the main Kraum play is really just tutoring in response to trigger, similar to tutoring before you swing for Tymna draws. What's valuable here is that you can Vampiric Tutor or Mystical Tutor for a counter/removal on an opponent's turn.

I'm sure a few seem questionable so I'll elaborate. I try & update at least once a month (or when a new set releases), so anything that stays usually has had positive results. This will apply to Maybeboard as well since metas change & some cards may come in/out depending on how the deck plays out over time:

Harsh Mentor : This can work as "pseudo-stax", as it HURTS Breakfast-Hulk combos as they need to mill 20+ cards (40+ life loss) with Nomads en-Kor ; Dramatic-Scepter lines similar issue; Gitrog Monster to an extent when they discard thru their creature outlets; Teferi( The Chain Veil ); Kiki combos; Top-Sight combo; and even just 3 life-loss to fetches in a grindy game adds up.

Ruin Raider : Yea I know, why "worse" Dark Confidant. One thing people over-look about this type of deck is how important combat is once you have a firm grasp on opponents but just can't combo yet. While in other decks that have a lot less creatures & rely on fast-combo I'd agree, Bob is better. In a world of Thrasios, Triton Hero and mana dorks a plenty though, favorably attacking to gain Tymna triggers is valuable. With enough 2 drop creatures you can also draw the turn you play Raider. Kraum also helps trigger Raid in case there's a ground stall.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation : Kambal fills a similar role as Mentor yet offers more. Feeds us life to pay into Necropotence as well as Tymna, and can block Tymnas forever. Also Good against Shimmer Zur; Storm/ Isochron Scepter combo; Bomber-man combo ( Auriok Salvagers & Lion's Eye Diamond ); and CVT as they need to recast Teferi, Temporal Archmage multiple times.

Zur the Enchanter : Zur gives us flexibility. He can grab us Goblin Bombardment when we're ready to combo. If you're not then he can grab Rhystic Study or Necropotence to grind more; or Aura of Silence , Eidolon of Rhetoric , & Grasp of Fate for on-demand stax/removal.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV : 1-sided stax that also reduces the cost of both Tymna & Kraum. He also helps us cast our top end, notably Consecrated Sphinx , Boonweaver Giant , & Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite . Can also reduce the mana needed for both halves of the Copy-Cat combo.

Serra Ascendant : Low-cost beater. Even if you don't play it in the first few turns it is usually active as Bear-weaver is usually the beat-down deck & should have larger creatures to prevent attacks. After 1-2 swings with Serra it is unlikely it will be turned off due to having less than 30 life.

Sudden Demise : Pseudo 1-sided board wipe if played right, comparable to Fire Covenant . Normally just call green with x= 1 (or 3 if Thrasios/Yisan/Selvala is on board).

Tainted Pact : Great way of finding the missing combo piece or interaction. Included to speed up the deck at the cost of manabase being weaker to Blood Moon.

Cavern of Souls : Many of our creatures are actually Human, including Tymna, so resolving an Ethersworn Canonist , Zur, or Containment Priest can be crucial.

Cursed Totem : One of the main reasons to play Bear-weaver. Shuts down many of the current Hulk decks, as well as Gitrog, Yisan/Selvala, and Najeela to an extent.

Sun Titan : Currently in the Inferno Titan slot, this is mainly to recur stax. You can also return Saheeli Rai to copy Sun Titan for more recovery. Can pair well with Azra Oddsmaker too.

Laboratory Maniac : Despite running Tainted Pact, I believe there are better homes for Lab Man, mainly Kess and Breakfast Hulk.

Tarnished Citadel : Not a fan of this land in 3-4 color grindy decks. Normally fetching correctly can provide enough colors.

Toxic Deluge : I'm sure a meta exists where this is a necessary evil, but on average this deck would rather force its opponents to cast it. Sudden Demise , Fire Covenant , Cyclonic Rift & Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite should be enough.

Notion Thief & Wheel of Fortune esque effects : Although this deck does have an A+B combo in the form of CopyCat, I believe Notion-Wheel is better in decks that can produce infinite mana easily and have an outlet in the Command Zone.

Chain of Vapor : Although efficient removal, giving our opponents the option of bouncing key stax or threats is not favorable here.

  1. Saheeli & Felidar Guardian combo by making infinite cats. Felidar blinks Saheeli which lets you copy again. Important to note that you can combo off with 6 mana sources if you cast Felidar 1st blinking one of them (so 2 to now 3 available mana), then cast Saheeli.

  2. Leonin Relic-Warder, Necromancy & Goblin Bombardment for infinite dmg as well. Requires more set-up but cheaper mana-wise. Although we only have Azra Oddsmaker as a discard outlet (currently), what you can do is play Goblin Bombardment 1st then cast Leonin Relic-Warder (target opps artifact/enchantment and sac in response to LRW trigger if possible), then reanimate it after to combo off. Can also Entomb now if needed.

  3. Boonweaver Giant searches Abduction ( Gift of Immortality previously) which enables infinite dmg with Goblin Bombardment.

Being a non-green midrange deck, you'll usually want to keep a hand of at least 2-3 lands, a few hate pieces, and the rest interaction. Anything with just lands, ramp, & tutors is usually a mull imo since this deck wants to land stax turns 2-3 and have interaction until it can land Tymna, Kruam, or another card-advantage engine. Mulling down to 5 or 6 is probably fine here if your hand is just 2-3 mana sources & interaction.
Strengths: Bearweaver at its core is an anti-Storm, anti-AdNaus deck, with many tools to combat Hulk combo decks (namely Containment Priest, Cursed Totem, Linvala, Rest In Peace, Grafdigger's Cage & Aven Mindcensor). Against any Esper/Grixis deck it can play a few stax pieces then pressure life totals enough where AdNaus/Necropotence is unprofitable without Angel's Grace.

Weaknesses: Mainly decks that operate outside of what our stax can cover & also have a midrange plan. Things like Ruric Thar, Najeela, and Yuriko can be problematic if unanswered.

TLDR: Game plan is stax in the form of hate-bears mostly that synergise with Tymna. Then assemble CopyCat in the midgame; or play Kraum & Co. of beaters and win in the red-zone.


Serra Ascendant & GAIV (3/19/18): sucessful

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner added to test (3/28/18): Kira sucessfull Alms cut

Azra Oddsmaker tested (5/25/18)-(7/11/18): sucessful

Plague Engineer (5/29/19): testing

Saheeli/Felidar combo (8/1/18)-(5/1/19): successful

Loyal Apprentice (1/25/19): testing

Lavinia, Azorius Renegade (1/25/19) testing

Thief of Sanity (1/25/19) testing


Updates Add

Minus: Smothering Tithe, Plague Mare, Caves of Koilos Adds: Talisman of Curiosity, Plague Engineer, Prismatic Vista

Been awhile since last update I know. But summer has brought us War of the Spark & now Modern Horizons there comes new cards to add in. With Horizons I've added 3 new swaps. Talisman of Hierarchy is a possibility too. The only other 2 cards I might add in are Dovin's Veto & Force of Negation (barring new Horizons spoilers).



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