Hello and welcome! If you're a connoisseur of tempo-control too then you'll enjoy this deck.

Bit of backstory before more specifics. I'm sure you wonder, "Why not Tymna/Thrasios, Bloodpod (Tymna/Tana), or even Curious Control (Thrasios/Vial)". Well my savvy reader, the answer is just this: meta. I originally considered BloodPod as I did not have a Partners deck yet, but I found out how crucial having was in previous games to combat fast combo decks like Breakfast-Hulk. So I decided to explore Tymna and Kraum as an answer to prevailing Flash-Hulk (and storm) strategies.

Originally the idea was to run Boonweaver as it is essentially a 2-card combo with Goblin Bombardment that could win through most common stax pieces, particularly our own. From there it was just adding creatures with soft stax like abilities that also synergized with the Tymna beat-down plan. So cards like Thalia, Harsh Mentor, and Kambal. I still wanted a good top-end similar to what some BloodPod lists ran, so in came Elesh Norn, Consecrated Sphinx, & Inferno Titan. Eventually Boonweaver was retired and Copycat was adopted as it allowed me to run more prolific stax like Rest in Peace and Grafdigger's Cage. After about a year we have continued to adapt to the meta, now incorporating Jace, Wielder of Mysteries in order to run more stax and reduce anti-synergy, an eternal sub-theme.

The core of this deck is Tymna the Weaver. With the Bears + Weaver engine, the goal is to build momentum while slowing opponents down until you can start drawing 2-3 cards per turn in the mid-game. Because a certain density of creatures is needed to achieve this, compact wincons are built around. Since it leans into Tymna more than other variants, pilots should be prepared for longer, grindier games. Therefore this is recommended for those who have played control in other formats and/or know the overall CEDH meta well.

Although he serves as a useful grind engine both with and without Tymna (as well as a pseudo Rule of Law), there's a bit more to this undead fellow. While the main Kraum play is really just tutoring in response to trigger (similar to tutoring before Tymna draw effect), what matters is how you use it. What is valuable here is that you can Vampiric Tutor or Mystical Tutor for a counter/removal on an opponent's turn when you have gained more knowledge to play around. There is also Sensei's Divining Top now for more Kraum plays.

I'm sure a few seem questionable so I'll elaborate. I try & update once a month (or when a new set releases), so anything that stays usually has had positive results. This will apply to Maybeboard as well since metas change & some cards may come in/out depending on how the deck plays out over time:

Notable Inclusions Show

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  1. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries + Demonic Consultation/Tainted Pact: With this the plan is to exile your deck first, then activate Jace to win.

  2. Praetor's Grasp: Nothing flashy here either. Sure it can grab tutors, interaction, or even stax, but most likely it will grab a Jace or even Thassa's Oracle. This is usually after your Jace has been countered or perhaps wheeled away.

  3. Creature beats: Although this deck has pulled this off enough times to count, it is not usually the primary goal. That being said it is certainly common to eliminate at least 1 player while trying to dig for cards with Tymna.

Honorable Mention:

Boonweaver Giant searches Abduction (Gift of Immortality previously) which enables infinite dmg with Goblin Bombardment.

Saheeli & Felidar Guardian combo by making infinite cats. Felidar blinks Saheeli which lets you copy again. Important to note that you can combo off with 6 mana sources if you cast Felidar first blinking one of them (so 2 to now 3 available mana), then cast Saheeli. Still a viable combo to include in this shell if you decide you don't need Hushbringer & Hushwing Gryff in your meta.

Being a non-green midrange deck, you'll usually want to keep a hand of at least 2-3 lands, a few hate pieces, and the rest interaction. Anything with just lands, ramp, & tutors is usually a mull imo since this deck wants to land stax turns 2-3 and have interaction until it can land Tymna, Kruam, or another card-advantage engine. Mulling down to 5 or 6 is probably fine here if your hand is just 2-3 mana sources & interaction.
Strengths: Bearweaver at its core is an anti-Storm, anti-AdNaus deck, with many tools to combat Hulk combo decks (namely Containment Priest, Cursed Totem, Linvala, Rest In Peace, Grafdigger's Cage & Aven Mindcensor). Against any Esper/Grixis deck it can play a few stax pieces then pressure life totals enough where AdNaus/Necropotence is unprofitable without Angel's Grace.

Weaknesses: Mainly decks that operate outside of what our stax can cover & also have a midrange plan. Things like Ruric Thar, Najeela, and Yuriko can be problematic if unanswered.

TLDR: Game plan is stax in the form of hate-bears mostly that synergise with Tymna. Then assemble Jace-Con in the midgame; or play Kraum & Co. of beaters and win in the red-zone.


Serra Ascendant & GAIV (3/19/18): sucessful

Azra Oddsmaker tested (5/25/18)-(7/11/18): sucessful

Plague Engineer (5/29/19): testing

Saheeli/Felidar combo (8/1/18)-(5/1/19): successful

Lavinia, Azorius Renegade (1/25/19)-(8/1/19) sucessful

Thief of Sanity (1/25/19) - (1/16/20) cut

Narset & Ashiok (7/1/19) testing

Drown in the Loch & Hushbringer (12/18/19) testing

Spell Snare & Hushwing Gryff (1/17/20) testing

Kunoros (2/1/20) testing


Updates Add

(Before I start, it is also important to note that I'll be shifting this Primer more towards one on Moxfield due to Deck Database requests. Similar features, so look forward to that in the coming month or so.)

Part 1. Various changes were made to accommodate for the tourney during March: -Spell Snare, -Grasp of Fate, -Disenchant, -Cavern of Souls +Force of Negation, +Samurai of the Pale Curtain, +Talisman of Creativity, +Caves of Koilos

While I do still feel FoN is better in decks that can cast their haymakers on opps turns (Ad Naus & Flash for ex.), it's not dead early like Pact of Negation. So I cut Snare for FoN. Grasp was somewhat outdated but may come back in staxy metas, same with Disenchant. Although the number of Humans might go up here, Caverns was swapped to smooth out mana over uncounterability (will monitor over time).

Part 2. After the tourney we received the Ikoria & Commander 2020 spoilers, as well as a banlist with unforeseen results: Flash banned! Changes here inlcuded: - Grafdigger's Cage, - Drown in the Loch, - Hushbringer, - Plague Engineer + Drannith, + Fierce Guardianship, + Dockside Extortionist, + Kira.

With the lack of Flash now, I expect way less Hulk so I believe Cage can be relegated to Sideboard for metas of say Yisan, Bloodpod, etc. Drannith still covers gy casts as well as CMDR hate in the form of a creature. Drown has been hit or miss, especially when running RIP, so Fierce will take its place. Although Hushbringer still hates on Oracle, it was mostly for Hulk. Swapping it out for Dockside is good since there's less antisynergy now. Plague Engineer has just shown diminishing returns. Perhaps in a Najeela or Yuriko heavy meta, otherwise the return of Kira is a welcome sight.

Other cards I am looking at next include: Plunge Into Darkness, Thassa's Oracle, Lotus Petal, Gitaxian Probe, & Deflecting Swat.


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