Titania's Song


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Note: this deck is OLD.

The deck revolves around Titania's Song as its OFFICIAL means for victory. It's a green enchantment that turns all artifacts into play into P/T = casting cost, and they lose all abilities. So BASICALLY load up on artifacts right? Well its more thought out than that.

I loaded up on stuff to slow your opponent down and totally abuse Winter Orb and Howling Mine by tapping them to turn them "off" with Relic Barrier and Icy Manipulator. The ol' bonecrank did triple duty with locking down creatures, tapping lands for Winter Orb and turning off Howling Mine when i didn't want the other player to draw.

Stuff like Howling Mine helps with Ivory Tower for when you take damage. Also since cards like Titania's Song, Gossamer Chains, and Storm Seeker will sit in your hand for awhile, why not get some life for them?

In addition, Storm Seeker helps with damage just in case you are having trouble setting up to get the "one turn song drop" to let loose the artifacts.

Black Vise just helps get some extra damage in there.

To sum up, the deck is pretty slow. You'll be building defenses for awhile for the song, and things might get boring.
This was just some deck I made up a long time ago trying to be original when "Johnny" didn't even exist yet.


After all these years an update and clean up! Apparently sometime after Mirrodin they did away with the whole "tap an artifact to turn it off" rule and now the cards will say it.

The deck is pretty out of date. This was made back in like...1996 or 1997 i think. Also Enlightened Tutor wasn't a lot of money back then. The deck is slow but it works at what it does.

Unfortunately I took the deck apart since it put people into comas since it was just NOT fun to play against at all.


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