This deck started out a a fun idea, because I really liked Flayer of the Hatebound. When I realized how well flayer works with Unburial Rights I knew I could make an awesome deck that was actually competitive. I also really like Vexing Devil and wanted to include that card as well. Vexing Devil works great with Flayer, Sun Titan, and Nearheath Pilgrim . This deck aims for some early damage with vexing devils and stalls with lingering souls and lifelink. Then hopefully by turn 4-7 you are able to get a bomb on the battlefield.

Main problems this deck faces are against graveyard hate. But must people underestimate Flayer of the Hatebound, so try to use that to your advantage.


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I made sure my sideboard was more effective against decks like Delver and Infect. I my last tourney, I struggled to stop those decks. I basically added graveyard hate, Ghost Quarters to stop Inkmoth and Moorland Haunt, and also Porcelain Legionnaire and whipflare to stop aggro.

I added 3x Nearheath Pilgrim because I found I needed a way to sustain in case I didn't get early draws. Nearheath Pilgrim combined with both Vexing Devil and Archwing Dragon allow for 4 damage and 4 life gain swings, even if Vexing Devil is sacrificed.


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