D&D/RPG Inspired EDH Deck

I started this deck wanting to make a Dungeons & Dragons inspired deck, and I just started with cards that I believed would be flavorful.

The first idea, was simple: Level Up. I added the better and more flavorful Level Up cards such as Guul Draz Assassin , Lighthouse Chronologist & Kabira Vindicator & continued from there, taking out the ones that were low powerlevel or less flavorful, keeping Ikiral Outrider .

After all was said & done, I /could/ have kept in some of the other level up cards, but I knew that they would not be able to sustain or be a backbone of both the flavor and the quality of the deck, so I knew I had to add the original adventurers: Allys! Guys like Harabaz Druid & Tarus Paladin make the list for having high quality a& just the natural synergies of allies.

Every good party needs a leader, but this deck has several in the way of, I think, in theme Planeswalkers! Heroes, Relic Seekers & Champions! And what kind of Time of Heroes would be complete without Ajani, Mentor of Heroes ?

The deck is rounded out with strong Artifacts & Enchantments to compromise both the loot and Encounters you'd find in a D&D campaign!

(The Lands themselves are not flavorful, merely there to keep a 5 color deck actually running. But hey, Dungeons!)

And then there's the monsters, while not as many as you would normally encounter, they do escalate in scale, all the way up to the namesake of the game & our commander, Bahamut the Silver Dragon of Order Ramos, Dragon Engine !

If you would like to submit any suggestions on adding classes, removing/adding cards (remember to keep it D&D flavorful!) or other feedback, please feel free to add them below! I would love to add any suggestions /at the very least/ to the maybeboard, if not replacing some things in the deck itself!

Roll On!


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