the mana cost sign shown for the deck is an intentional pac man harvesting on this deck =)

Basically, this deck is trying to get a bunch of mana generating elves out (Heritage Druid is great), then after tapping all my stuff down to cast a bunch more stuff, i can tap them (if im safe) or just straight out cast Harvest Season, get out a lot of lands, and make my topdecks super perfect (which Nissa, Steward of Elements, i will never have to worry about topdecking lands ever) and then i can win using craterhoof plus elves, do a little tribal thing with archdruid, or just win using nissa steward ult.

One of the biggest decisions of this deck was how i would go about getting tapped creatures: would i run Cryptolith Rite and token spawn? or would i go with mana generating creatures??

I chose to go with elves, because its something im more comfortable with. You're welcome to change up the list a bit if you have your own personal preference!


not much to see here. Of course stuck in the best rampingers and Craterhoof Behemoth which is a nice way to spend your mana. finisher much.


of course, none. because im totally not running 4x Harvest Season which is the whole point of the deck.


none. =)


of course, not much to see here. actually, go see for yourself!! ↓ ↓ ↓

I didn't actually have much of a decision here, I chose Nissa, Steward of Elements because it's safe to cast for 3, or for all the mana im trying to get out of the elf shell i built out of, because harvest season may not be so consistent against boardwipes. of course, wipes kill everything.... which is why i have a sideboard Heroic Intervention!


Any hand, as long as you have at least 1 land, some stuff to cast, and ideally a harvest season. then you can get a bunch of lands out of your deck.

if you can you want to get 9 creatures out, tap them, and then take 9 lands out of your deck using harvest season. perfect topdecks coming up. then, with all the mana and landless, you're guaranteed to draw a chord of calling (which you can use to get craterhoof), or nissa steward, which you can dump all your mana to and ultimate multiple times. great stuff.


Turn 1, elvish mystic.

Turn 2, 2 llanowar elves, heritage druid, and then tap tap for arbor elves, and another elvish mystic.

turn 3, you have 3 lands, and 7 creatures. cast harvest season, get 7 lands, reducing your library size by 7 lands and making topdecks better.

turn 4. continue until you lose of decking or getting mind bogled and infected and bolted and burned and eldrazied and delvered and stuff.

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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