As the desiinger of this deck I decided that I wanted to build something to kill everybody walking, knowing full well that my soul will be in the furnace when all is said and done. This lead me to building Mogis, God of the Slaughter which at first glance is a Commander that doesn't really do much, but once the value engines of the deck get online can become the reason your opponent's die. This deck is essentially a group hug deck but for people who don't like to be touched, and you can and will be the archenemy at the table after playing a particularly explosive or detrimental effect on the field. If you want a deck that can instantly turn from being an unsuspecting ally to the table to the immediate threat that needs taken down, this is the deck for you.

This deck operates with a similar gameplan to how a frog will instantly jump out if you drop it in boiling water, but if you slowly raise the temperature then the frog will not jump out of the water even if boiling. Mogis himself is our best method of doing that, but we have some other effects to back him up so opponent's lose life at an even steadier rate. Spiteful Visions and Fate Unraveler hurt our opponent's for drawing cards, which combined with the wheel effects in the deck can lead to some pretty nasty turns where an opponent loses a large amount of life in an instant. Sulfurous Vortex does a decent Mogis impression, and preventing lifegain is also relevant since many of these effects can be offset by incidental lifegain. Harsh Mentor , Dictate of the Twin Gods and Painful Quandary hurt our opponent's for simply playing the game of Magic and when stacked with Mogis make life totals fall fairly quickly. Vial Smasher the Fierce is also an effective tool for lowering life totals thanks to the big spells we cast, and since damage is assigned randomly you typically don't receive much hate from the table for these effects. Fraying Omnipotence isn't quite so subtle of a card, but this card doesn't need to wheel around the table to work like a Heartless Hidetsugu and Havoc Festival and impacts the board in a meaningful way, plus you get to make shitty Avengers: Infinity War jokes so this card finds it's way in.

Because Mogis is an enchantment itself, there is a focus on Enchantment and Enchantment synergies in the deck. Besides the previously mentioned enchantments, Grim Guardian causes each of our opponent's to lose a life whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield. In a similar vein Palace Seige allows us to drain each opponent at our upkeep, speeding up the Mogis clock. As far as enchantment payoffs are concerned Doomwake Giant wipes the board of small creatures or potentially more depending on how many enchantments enter the battlefield that turn. Lethal Vapors is also a pretty mean way to keep creatures out of play but at least leads to some interesting discussion. We also have Necrogen Mists to grind games further, keeping the cards a Blue player has in hand low. More importantly, we also have Gray Merchant of Asphodel to potentially drain our opponents out of the game and it works great with cards like Necropotence . We also run a few fun enchantments such as Dictate of the Twin Gods and Furnace of Rath allows us to double the damage that we do to our opponent's each turn. To round out the Enchantment grind we have The Eldest Reborn to keep the opponent's low on resources and take their threat as well as Tortured Existence which allows us to reuse the few creature cards we have and it's cheap enough to trigger Constellation more than once on a single turn reliably.

Even though the deck can't run Treachery we still have some pretty nasty ways to close out a game. Be careful, because while it's fun to do this the first time opponents can figure out what you're up to quick in future games, and when you blow up everyone's lands once the table tends to not forget that. Speaking of, Jokulhaups is our easy mode win button comparable to a Craterhoof Behemoth or Expropriate in other decks in that with the right board it instantly wins the game by creating a board-state that slowly drains an opponent of their life while they can't really do much about it fast enough. Similarly Winter Orb can do the job in the case Jokulhaups can't (Enchantments and Planeswalkers survive Jokulhaups, and can be an issue when attempting to go for that wincon) by slowing our opponent's down enough that they can't get back in the game quick enough to make a difference. As mentioned earlier, with enough enchantments and low enough life totals Gray Merchant of Asphodel can drain everyone out of the game. A more likely win condition is Splinter Twin + Zealous Conscripts to instantly win the game with infinite creatures with Haste, and while this combo is 9 mana and can be easily disrupted being able to instantly win a game you can't grind out is worth having in the deck. Finally, with life totals low a large Price of Progress or Earthquake can do the job to burn everyone out of the game at once. Combustible Gearhulk gets an honorary mention as a creature that can do absurd amounts of damage, but most of the time opponent's let you draw 3 cards. In the same vein, Blade of Selves is fantastic with our Constellation creatures and equipping it to even just a Grim Guardian makes our opponents lose 15 life just with one swing.

In conclusion, this deck in my experience can get close to winning the game but typically doesn't due to the fact that opponent's typically can team together and take you down before you win and the deck isn't well equipped to handle multiple threats at once. There's also the issue with the fact that sometimes you can end up helping another player more than yourself. The deck definitely isn't perfect but out of the various grindy decks I've played in EDH, this one so far is my favorite so I would love to hear any suggestions you all may have.


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