Hello weary onlookers! Welcome to my in-progress monoblue artifact deck! Now this deck is something else, and not only because I built it on a whim at 1 in the morning,😉 Now this deck is, as I've said, a work in progress. This deck is meant to ramp out and then play big spells until I can get some win-cons on the board being 2 of the 3 enchantments. Another wincon,though, is also to get a big beater, like Traxos, suit him up and swing for big damage. If you can get them out, Mycosynth Lattice and Karn will lock everyone out, and adding in Darksteel Forge will make sure your stuff stays on your board. Swarming with tokens is also a possibility but alas, it would take some time.

Now any tip or card choices to help would be appreciated and will go into consideration!


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