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Alrighty then. This is a semi-budget build that I'm dedicating a lot of energy, time, and resources to. It is by no means exhaustive, just what I'm working on with priority. If you see or know of alternate methods to make this better, please inform me.

All in all, this deck is a beat-stick that relies heavily on enchantments, so hate against that and my deck struggles. Ramp up hard, get your mana rocks off, don't let up. The Boros colors just work out well for that. The main focus, differing from my other tribal or decks in general, is to get Tiana out and keep recycling your enchantments or destroyed equips. Even if Tiana is not out, there are a few recycle methods.

That being said, I've recently had very little need to have Tiana out, for some reason.

Thank you for your views and time.


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