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Sideboard Plan


Out -3 Harrow -2 Crop Rotation -1 Grim Harvest -1 Tilling Treefolk

In +4 Pyroblast + 1 Ravens Crime +2 Terminate

You already have a good amount of removal, you just want to kill your way to the midgame and start to grind out value. Use Raven Crime to wear away their hand.


Out -3 Harrow -1 Ravens Crime -1 Flame Jab, -2 Crop Rotation -2 Swirling Sandstone

In +3 Ancient Grudge +4 Pyroblast +2 Terminate

Kill with Grudges, and Counter card draw with the pyroblasts. Don't let them refill their hand.

Hexproof Out -3 Harrow -1 Flame Jab

In +2 Swirling Sandstorm +2 Serene Heart

Burn to the face, Keep the board as clear as you can, and Use the Heart to create bad blocks for them.


Out -3 Harrow -2 Crop Rotation -1 Flame Jab

In +2 Swirling Sandstorm +1 Raven's Crime +1 Grim Harvest +2 Terminate

Keep the board clear so Gary is less of a problem. Use Crime to keep their hand empty, and the extra Grim Harvest to keep your creatures coming back for more.


Out -3 Harrow, -1 Flame Jab, -2 Swirling Sandstorm -2 Crop Rotation - 1 Tilling Treefolk

In +3 Ancient Grudge + 4 Pyroblast +2 Terminate

Kill mana rocks, and never let them resolve a Mulldrifter.


Out -3 Harrow -1 Flame Jab

In +2 Swirling Sandstorm +2 Terminate

Keep the board clear. Sandstorm is the anti aggro plan.

Deliver Fiend

Out -3 Harrow -1 Flame Jab -2 Swirling Sandstorm -2 Crop Rotation

In + 1 Raven's Crime +4 Pyroblast +2 Terminate

They play few creatures, you have much removal, punish their hands, and kill and counter there creatures.

Goblins/Stompy/White Weenie

Out -3 Harrow -1 Raven's Crime In +2 Swirling Sandstorm +2 Terminate

Weather the early beats, and sweep the board. Win the long grindy game. Same board for all 3 decks.

Boros Kitty

Out -3 Harrow -2 Crop Rotation

In +2 Terminate, +3 Ancient Grudge

Grind Vs Grind. Keep them off of artifact lands as much as you can with the grudges, and Terminates give extra removal.

Azorious Kitty

Out -3 Harrow -2 Swirling Sandstorm -1 Flame Jab -1 Crop Rotation

In +4 Pyroblast, +1 Grim Harvest, +2 Terminate


Out -2 Swirling Sandstorm

In +1 Raven's Crime, +1 Grim Harvest

You want to start to work on their hand as soon as you can, and then start burning face as fast as you can. No lifegain for us here.


Out -2 Swirling Sandstorm -3 Harrow -1 Flame Jab, -1 Tilling Treefolk

In +4 Pyroblast, +3 Ancient Grudge

Extra protection for your spells, and kill for there mana rocks, Try to cast as many spells on their turn as you can. You have uncounterable card draw, and burn so you have a slight edge.

Tortured Existense No Board, you are running Bog in your main deck, and you can search it up at will, use it at the best time and you can totally get them.


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