Got a foil Ilharg in my prerelease pack, so I just had to build it.

Basic premise is to get Ilharg out and swing for free ETB creatures. Once Ilharg is swinging, your mana is mostly free to cast enchantments, artifacts and the odd creature like Etali, Primal Storm , Archetype of Aggression , Iron Myr etc.

There are some fun synergies in here.

Panharmonicon , Ogre Battledriver and Warstorm Surge . They all work well with Ilhargs effect by themselves, but combine them and all of a sudden creatures that make tokens like Myr Battlesphere or Chancellor of the Forge become insane bombs. Siege-Gang Commander with Pan, Surge and the Ogre deals 72 damage when it hits play! Chancellor of the Forge and Myr Battlesphere work similarly.

Mirror March is a lot of fun, even if its a little inconsistent. Sure, sometimes it does nothing but other times you copy a Tyrant of Discord 8 times while Panharmonicon is out.

Maybeboard are cards I've tried and while they work well, aren't currently in the deck.


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