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Commander / EDH*



This monstrosity is based on cards that screams crazy crazy crazy for most players and unusable by some. The deck is built around the sacrifice mechanic and the trade of creatures. This is why there arent any creatures on my side. They just get in the way anyways.

The craziness cards im referring to are: Endless Whispers, Oath of Lim-Dul, Lethal Vapors, Pox, Descent into Madness, and Tainted AEther. To bad Smokestack doesnt work in this deck and really want to add The Abyss but that's a bit pricy.

Endless Whispers is hilarious. Organized chaos at its core. This should make a player cautious about playing their monsters or board wiping. Unless they are tokens of course. Part of this deck is spot removal so killing off creatures and getting them into the hands of others. This can turn out to be rather political in multiplayer games. Grave Betrayal to make it less political and as a backup for Endless Whispers. If Whispers ever gets out of hand, use Unstable Obelisk, Scour from Existence and if im really in a pinch I can use Descent into Madness to get it out of the game.

Lethal Vapors, and Tainted AEther cause Endless Whispers to get really insane off the bat. As soon as that creature hits the board, it goes into the hands of another player. Also makes for a pretty good pillow fort along with No Mercy and Crawlspace.

Pox is the card that hooked me on magic. With the life gain, draw/discard advantage and having no creatures, how could this not find a home in this deck. With Waste Not, Exquisite Blood, and Grave Betrayal out, this is a devastating card to see cast.

Oath of Lim-Dul is a great draw card engine and with all the creature removal and discard/draw, it should be rather safe to play causing huge card advantage.

Sacrifice, Exile, and killing off creatures Show

Descent into Madness and discard are the second half of the deck besides removal and should keep a players hand size down. This requires extra cards in hand to make this work and still keep playing. In black, this usually requires life and to prevent killing ourselves, some life gain is also added.

Discard for less options for your opponent. Show

Card Draw to cycle card for discarding. Keep what tacks on more pain. Show

Life Gain to hinder the amount of life lost from drawing cards. Show

Last aspect of this deck is mana acceleration. If you arent able to put get the combos off, this should allow for more perms and control.

Let me know what you think and comments are more than welcome!


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