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Thromok In Your Face

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Thromok came in a planechase deck, and I had a lot of fun playing that preconstructed deck. I wanted to expand on the idea and built an EDH deck capable of one-shotting multiple opponents while remaining competitive when that opportunity doesn't present itself.

The idea is simple. Use army-in-a-can type spells to get 7 token creatures out ASAP (so thromok drops in at 49/49) summon Thromok and blast my opponents in the face. I've got multiple Fork like cards to help multiply my tokens, and multiple ways of dealing direct damage. I've got a decent amount of protection for Thromok and effects that help to shove the damage thru.

I'm open to any constructive criticism, or suggestions on how to improve the efficacy of this deck.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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