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ThrasTymna Apostle Cannon

Commander / EDH*



4 color apostle storm for Reservoir canon blasts....

Aggro beats with Apostles and Tymna for card draw.

Get Nantuko Shrine or Bloodbond March into play. Get an Altar into play. You now generate a ton of mana with every cast of an apostle.

With Cloudstone curious and an Altar, you generate obscene amount of mana with Apostles. Use this to draw more cards with Thrasios.

Secret Salvage targeting an apostle in the graveyard is usually a draw 20. Add in Edgewalker and those 20 cards are free. Add in Aetherflux reservoir and you get to kill everyone.


Updates Add

-4 Apostles
+ Abrupt Decay
+ Nature's Claim
+ Flash
+ Protean Hulk

Abrupt Decay and Nature's Claim both really help against the stax match ups where we get locked out. Hulk and Flash mean we get 6 apostles in play immediately. This could be used to summon Raza or just to refuel Raza with more bodies.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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