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Thrasios & Bruse, Lands & Beats

Commander / EDH*


Thrasios and Bruse don't get along very often. The former is a God-blessed champion of his kin, seeking for his fate in the deepest trenches of the Meletian sea. The latter is a Zendikarian herder, known for his unusual methods in matter of oxen motivation and Eldrazi cursing.

Buth they work unexpectedly well together, as they can give so much value in a midrange strategy, providing incremental resource advantage during the whole game (cards, ramp and lifegain) and that much needed "punch" to push through some relevant damage. This is a lands matter deck, that aims to set up sume number of engines and take the game away from your opponents every turn it's left unchecked.

It is not a ramp deck in any way, even if it's absolutely common to end the average game with half of our lands on the battlefield. We want to capitalize on each land we play, returning them to hand or getting them in and out the graveyard. And, finally, use some resilient threat to end the game the fair way: with a huge swing and continuos resource advantage.



First goal of the deck is taking advantage of the resilience of lands as a card type. They're difficult to interact with and playing them does not use the stack, reducing the possibilities to answer to our opponents. Obviously first thing to do is to break the limitation to play only one land per turn: so we got ways to play multiple lands in one turn or engines that give us constant landfall triggers. As a plan B we have our commander(s) as a source of cards, land drops and good karma with the rest of the table.

To keep the removal choices on theme, I use Song of the Dryads and Imprisoned in the Moon. While being awesome options to keep pesky Commanders or permanents away from the action, they synergize perfectly with cards such Vesuva or Thespian's Stage, thanks to a weird ruling that let them copy the original card.


Excavator Routes

Ramunap Excavator + Trade Routes

Two wonderful utility cards: Ramunap Excavator let us recycle any type of fetchland or recur lands that got hated out from our opponents, while Trade Routes acts as "lord" for out lands, turning each one into a cycling land or a bounce land without sacrificing too much space building our manabase.
In conjunction, they exalt the best part of the other: we can pay 1 mana of any color to cycle a land from our hand, then play it directly from the graveyard. Last time I checked paying exchanging a single mana for a card was a very good deal!

Combos & Win Conditions

Overwhelming Wave

Genesis Wave

Wonderful card, even more if hitting a land doesn't count as a miss for the deck. In this way you don't need to cast it to flip your whole deck on the table: just hitting a landfall effect and several lands can get you a commanding position at the table. With greater amounts of mana pumped into it this can give us even a haste enabler or a Lotus Cobra to hit hard instantly or netting mana in the process. Just time it at the right time, to avoid counters or board sweepers and you'll be golden.

Wait... Valakut is not Legendary ?

Prismatic Omen + Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle (or more ?)

My favourite synergy and wincon. Unfortunately this list can't run enough Mountains to trigger Valakut on its own, but enchantments and lands are types resilient enough to be a problem for your opponents when this combo is online.
And why not have more bolting lands if we have the opportunity ? Valakut #2, Valakut #3 and Valakut #4 are everything we could ever want: great utility cards capable of giving us value until we need them to transform into an erupting volcano.

RKO Outta Nowhere!!!

Bruse Tarl + Rubblehulk

The formula is simple: at the right point in the game you just need to swing into an open opponent or choose the less threatening creature for our ox farmer ability. And then...


Sure instant speed removal exists in the format, but it's a pretty efficient plan to try and the payoff is huge. We can even recur the Elemental to the hand with Emeria Shepherd or Eternal Witness and try it again the following turn, losing the surprise factor obviously.

Karoo Dance

Sakura-Tribe Scout + Retreat to Coralhelm + Ravnica Bounceland

This generates infinite landfall triggers, needing another piece to obtain some value. Just to name a few possibilities once at this point:
- Lotus Cobra or similar for infinite mana
- Nissa's emblem or Tatyova for infinite card draw
- Angry Omnath for infinite bolting elemental tokens


Knight of the Reliquary + Retreat to Coralhelm + Prismatic Omen

A classic Modern combo adapted for a 4-color environment. This let us cycle through our library leaving us with a huge beater, a lot of mana and an untapped Kessig Wolf Run. We're playing multiplayer so this won't win you the game on the spot like in other formats, but it is composed by pieces useful on their own.


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