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This build is courtesy of RingSlayer on MTGGoldfish, found it while browsing through the site's standard decks and identify it as an actually good Boros deck in Standard. Edited and hopefully refined to my lgs though. Meant as aggressive hate and early control.

Reminder that Aven Mindcensor works as a perfect combo alongside Settle the Wreckage and Field of Ruin, making each star control pieces in this deck. I can now attest that it is the most satisfying thing I've ever done to force an opponent to find an upwards of 6 basic lands in the top 4 cards of their library.

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Another rough night, but due to luck or content I don't know. Left early, so ended with a record of 1-2 for rounds. Here we go:

2-1 Sultai Energy: This was actually a matchup that I was very pleased with winning. Typically ended up as a pretty fair back and forth as I would put down creatures, he puts down stuff, remove each other's creatures, etc. Any Hostage Taker he placed was met with removal to keep my creature. Both winning games essentially ended with me having Glorybringer and exerting on his key pieces.

1-2 Mono Black Aggro (Again): Same black aggro deck as previously, but with slightly better luck. The first game was surprisingly the one I was able to win, with the next two being tough luck. I had believed that sideboarding 3 copies of Authority of the Consuls and Magma Spray would be the perfect counters to any aggro matchup, but I can never seem to actually draw them up.

1-2 Ramunap Red: Basically read above. Third game was the interesting and painful one though, as I lost despite having 2 Authority of the Consuls on the field. Essentially had those and only ever drew into land and board wipes with nothing else to actually sustain me. Ended up dragging the game out awhile as I exiled his Hazoret the Fervent and sweeped his small fries, but once he cast Chandra, Torch of Defiance I could literally do nothing but watch as the emblem eventually came out for the win.

Djeru was actually a pretty nice addition to the deck overall again, basically helping to cinch the Sultai Energy matchup by tutoring Gideon of the Trials to nullify Aethersphere Harvester. Additionally, the prospect of wanting to cap at 7 mana just for an Aven Mindcensor and Settle the Wreckage instant combo is kinda inefficient. While I still have the potential for combo there, I have reduced the number of Settles and Mindcensors slightly in favor of having a bit more Planeswalker tribal and an Aerial Responder in addition instead of as a replacement for Gideon.


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