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Thou shalt not play Magic! (UBg Teachings)

Pauper* BUG (Sultai) Competitive Control Creatureless Pauper U/B (Dimir)



Since most of my LGS is broke collage students, we decided to start a pauper league. I for one am very exciting to get in to a format where a top tier deck doesn't break the $75 mark. But more importantly, it gives me the chance to play my all time favorite card, Diabolic Edict.

The goal of this deck it to completely deny my opponent any chance to play a fair, fun, game of magic. Who cares about winning when your opponent is tearing out their hair in frustration?

The idea is to keep the board clean with a plethora of edicts and counterspells. Mystical Teachings lets me find whatever card I need to ruin my opponent's day. My win conditions are Sprout Swarm and looping Evincar's Justice (I have a lot of ways to gain life, so I'll win a battle of attrition.


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Deck has been reworked. Due to the decline of Stompy and the rise of decks like elves and Mono W Heroic, The creatures have been totally cut in favor of cheap interaction in the form of Innocent Blood.


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