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Thou Shall Unseal Thy Stompy Soul

Standard Arena Combo Competitive FNM Ramp RG (Gruul)


Suggestions welcome. Appreciate the upvote and views.

War of the Spark brought us new toys to play with!
Forest, Forest, Forest, and the Steel Leaf Champion starts. All that is needed is three mana to begin the stomping... not anymore, 'cause we got Pelt Collector !... which are now worn by Nullhide Ferox since he ate the Pelt Collector .
Versatile and adaptive deck to win either by power overload with trample or unsealing the dragon power. Most importantly if your opponent is negligible, she is the one to say the last word before your victory and his defeat.
I have been delaying to move Sarkhan's Unsealing to the sideboard for a while. Because of Mortify and other enchantment removals that are plentiful in the meta it is difficult to reach the combo. Thus Sarkhan's Unsealing is now in the sideboard for situational matchups. Due to aggressive decks like "Big Red" and "Mono Blue Tempo" I felt to switch this deck to aggressive yet resilient type too.
New toys like Paradise Druid ensure that we get to drop bombs as soon as possible due to hexproof. The plan is to get as much mana dorks and lands as possible early game. As we get mana we can do several things.

Option 1: Get Vivien's Arkbow to rush out creatures directly to the board. Works insane since if the opponent decides to get rid of our Eternal-God Rhonas we can get it back directly into the battlefield from the deck. Also the works with other cards. Usually lands are needless at this points and that's what we will be dumping.

Option 2: Get our Goreclaw on the field to finalize with either of our bombs.

Option 3: Use Steel Leaf Champion to Ghalta, Primal Hunger engine with riot to deal lethal blows.

Option 4: Ilharg, the Raze-Boar into any of our lethal threats.

Domri and the Rhythm of the Wild allow our deadly creatures to get haste and with doubling from God-Eternal Rhonas it's easy to get 14/6 untargetable with trample Carnage Tyrant or 24/12 trample Ghalta, Primal Hunger .

Will accept criticism and consider feedback. I am the master of this page and owner of the deck. I do as I will as this is MY deck. I will only consider suggestions, and not accept and implement them right away. All the Hatred , please carry out the window.



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