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The name sums it up pretty well-- I'm gunning for your library and I'm hoping to do it as quickly as possible.

There's almost nothing here worth explaining, it's a classic mix of control and mill kicked up a few notches. It was inspired by a combination of Saffron Olive's Bounce-n-Mill and the spoiler for Fraying Sanity. The sideboard will likely change once the meta for HOU gets settled.

The ideal scenario:

A more realistic way to go (doesn't rely on grabbing 3 of 4 Minister of Inquiries in the first 4 turns) would be:

To consider:


I used to have two mainboard, but I only ever got to use them a few times in play testing. Usually the game is long over (one way or the other) by the time I have that much extra mana to copy a spell.

Aether Hub

I'm not convinced the energy is worth potentially diluting my Engulf the Shores.

Scavenger Grounds

Might need more of these if people start sideboarding in shuffle-GY-into-library type cards.

Sphinx of the Final Word

Might be useful as a one-of in the SB. Good vs control heavy decks which are probably one of the bigger threats (along with very fast aggro).

Ipnu Rivulet

I thought this was a good idea but I'm less sure now. They dilute my Engulf the Shores and losing land/mana is a hard thing to justify in any deck with control tendencies.

Credit where it's due:



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