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Here they sat, regal and dignified, two killers slowly eating their meal of roasted lamb and steamed exotic vegetables. The only sound in the room was the clank of silverware against plates, the knives cutting the lamb through and scratching the plates underneath. Then Ervos, without looking up at his hostess, spoke.

"I think I am going to have you killed," Ervos said, then took a bite of a hunk of over-buttered bread.

Marchesa stopped cutting her food, but only briefly, and continued to carefully cleave her pork.

"Oh?" she replied after the silence. She took a bite of her food, eyes fixed on her plate. "How would you go about that?"...

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Marchesa, the Black Rose is well known for her cunning and beauty, so it's only fitting that a deck featuring her would embody her lethality. There are many ways to build around Marchesa but I believe this to be the optimal way. This is not a deck for casual metas, user discretion is advised.


An ideal opening hand looks something like...

This is a very keepable hand, mana ramp, card draw, a sac outlet, interaction and a way to give Marchesa, the Black Rose a +1/+1 counter as soon as she enters the battlefield.

Ideally, I’d get Dark Confidant out on turn two and start generating card advantage and draining my own life. Dethrone triggers for my creatures are hugely important, if my life total is higher than my opponents I will struggle to win games.

Life is a resource, so don’t be afraid to lose it.

Spellseeker is one of the best creatures in this deck. Early in games I use her to tutor for mana ramp like Dark Ritual , mid to late game she fetches tutor spells or removal that helps me finish off my opponents.

Here are just some of the spells Spellseeker can tutor up:


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