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Thopters Of The Valkyries

Commander / EDH* Artifact Tokens



CHALLENGE: Building a Thopter Deck.

The objective of this deck is to build a commander deck that is themed on Thopters, focusing on the widespread of token and an alternative win condition.

MECHANICS: The objective is to produce as many thopters as possible, therefore utilising Master Trinketeer, Thopter Assembly, Thopter Squadron and Hangarback Walker to generate as many thopters as possible. With Thopter Squadron, Steel Overseer will help maintain perpetual use. With enough thopters we can then use Akiri, Line-Slinger, Darksteel Juggernaut and Hellkite Igniter to deal large amounts of damage. Widespread damage will be applied with anthems such as Master Trinketeer, Gleam of Battle, Marshal's Anthem, Tempered Steel, Ravos, Soultender and True Conviction.

ALTERNATIVE WINNING CONDITIONS: This deck is a mixture of wide spread, brick creatures and one other alternative winning. The alternative winning condition uses Hellkite Tyrant along with the mass of thopters to win the game via the special requirements.

COUNTERS: Because of the heavy reliance of artifacts cards such as Master TrinketeerMerciless Eviction are threats. Therefore counter spells are mandatory. Although rare in these colours we have Null Brooch to respond to sorceries and instant board wipes. For Enchantment or Artifact spells we have Illuminationand for target spells there is Rebuff the Wicked.

DRAW: Smuggler's Copter is used to improve drawing chances along with . Quicksmith Genius also aids in cycling through the deck for certain cards if required. For recycling the hand we have Molten Psyche which can also double up for destruction to other players. Finally we have Trading Post with the assistance of tokens to draw more cards.

FEEDBACK: Always appreciated, decks i'm building tend to be themed and therefore some choices are dedicated more to suiting the content than efficiency. I hope this deck is interesting and thank you for reading.


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