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Modern Aggro Mono-Green Zoo



Have you ever backed nature into a corner? Well now nature takes it's revenge in a way that will probably kill your opponent, with cards such as Khalni Hydra and Primalcrux. Constructive criticism is welcome.


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Ripjaw Raptor seemed like good tempo considering how hard it is to kill and how likely it will draw you cards. It is true that you could say it could be Path to Exile d or Fatal Push ed but that would make them lose removal for one of my larger threats later on. Reverent Hunter isn't really that big of a threat when I played it generally. On average it would be a 5/5 at most. He's also not good tempo because he's mainly a late-game play and doesn't have trample like Khalni Hydra or Primalcrux so I replaced him with the raptors. TLDR: +3 Ripjaw Raptor -3 Reverent Hunter

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