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Standard Artifact Budget U/B (Dimir)



Hey all, this is my deck that centers around artifacts, cards that love artifacts and uses Marionette Master as the main win condition. This is a budget build and not super competitive but it's very fun to play and great for new players to understand different interactions.

The release of Ixalan has brought treasure tokens which fit perfectly into this deck. Between Tezzeret's etherium cells and treasure tokens, when Marionette Master hits the board we can sacrifice the tokens (dealing damage with each one) and ramp into the next spell or activate Herald of Anguish's ability and kill your opponent in one big explosion of metal.

I don't feel that a full explanation of the deck is necessary since it's pretty straight forward. Make artifacts, get marionette master as a 4/6, each artifact that is sacrificed/destroyed deals 4 damage and becomes deadly very quickly.

Things to watch out for: Marionette Master is amazing once it's out, but getting there can be tricky. Remember that when you choose to add +1/+1 counters with fabricate that your opponent can respond to it and kill her in response. This means that red is very dangerous since Abrade, Lightning Strike and Harnessed Lightning are all popular spells.

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. Thanks for reading!


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My first ever Gameday and this deck was a blast to play! However, my record was 0-2-1 haha...

Mardu Vehicles...holy crap. Very powerful deck that was pretty consistently awesome. BG counters were brutal. Aetherworks Marvel deck was really interesting to play against and I appreciated how fun it was. Now that I know my current meta better, I'm going to make changes to accompany that.

I'm updating the deck with some changes. Cards I'm now considering even more after learning the Standard meta: Metalwork Colossus, Aethersphere Harvester, Bastion Inventor and probably some others that I will post.

I'm going to play around with some changes and I will update after testing. Cheers!


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