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If you couldn't tell, this is a budget deck based around The Scorpion God . I started it off at just Black and Red for the god himself, but I added green to compliment Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and a few others. I went through a couple ideas, but this is ultimately how it works:


I went with all deserts, mainly so that I can sacrifice them to Ifnir Deadlands late game, when I no longer need them, or already cast the few large spells in the deck. I also really like the cycling features, also for if you don't need them. I will go into more detail later in the description.

-1 counters

The Scorpion God . Starting off simple here, he is board presence, he can easily get you to draw cards, he is hard to kill, then comes back if he does, and he can trigger his own abilities. Also, don't forget to target Festering Mummy while he is on the field. The counter will just go straight to a different creature, and you get a card.

Liliana's Influence: good board wipe for tokens or a swarm of creatures is now that much smaller. Also fetches Liliana, Death Wielder .

Liliana, Death Wielder . I'll go over the rest later, so for now her + ability to put a -1 counter on a creature. Not only good synergy, but also decent way to protect herself. She is really here for her first 2 abilities, but if you find yourself in a really long game, her final ability is no joke.

Archfiend of Ifnir. If you don't need it, you can cycle it early game. Otherwise, he is a Liliana's Influence on a stick.

Banewhip Punisher Blur of Blades Festering Mummy Grasping Dunes Grind / Dust Merciless Javelineer . For this section, just an extra counter, but might be usefull somewhere else as well.

Cartouche of Ambition. Good way to size one of their creatures down while building one of yours up with some added lifegain.

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons. Really only gets you the counters when combined with Key to the City or Merciless Javelineer . I'll cover the second ability later.

Ifnir Deadlands. Pain land turn one if needed and late game, it can get rid of unnecasary lands like Painted Bluffs or Survivors' Encampment when your mana gets fixed.

Obelisk Spider. Best for defense, especially because he has reach. Could also be used if they have a wall. They will probably let him through, though, so a little better as a blocker.

Ruthless Sniper. Just a good card for when you cycle or discard.

Torment of Venom. Practically removal with a chance of more removal.

combos with -1 counters

Hapatra, Visier of Poisons. Now to look at the second ability. Get a ton of snakes. Now, these snakes have deathtouch, so you could run with them every time, just to clear the board and keep it clear. Remember, this gets triggered for each creature that gets a counter at once. So, Archfiend of Ifnir would basically get you a snake for each creature your opponent controls, but Torment of Venom would just get you a single snake.

Nest of Scarabs. Hapatra, but better. Harder to blow up, not legendary, and every single -1 counter gives you the token. The only thing that is worse is that these tokens don't have deathtouch.

Obelisk Spider. If they somehow are able to keep too big of a boardstate for you to swing out and win, here is some healthsap. Makes them think twice before swinging at you.

The Scorpion God . Ending easy this time. Card draw. Always good. Even too much card draw can be taken advantage of in this deck.


Archfiend of Ifnir, Desert of the Fervent, Desert of the Glorified, and Desert of the Indomitable . Cycling. As I said earlier, card draw is great. Always have cards. Keep comboing.

Key to the City. Gets you to discard. More card draw. Combos well with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons.

Merciless Javelineer . Discarding for -1 counter and combat advantage? Count me in.

Discarding Combos

Archfiend of Ifnir. That's right, you could just put one on the field and cycle the rest. Either way, it's the discarding aspect that makes him Liliana's Influence on a stick and also why he doesn't fetch anything.

Biting Rain . I'm just putting this here for its madness cost. I only put it in the deck for the madness part, really. Everything specifically says counters and this doesn't give those. Still a good board wipe, though.

Ruthless Sniper. Just kind of a smaller Archfiend of Ifnir that is only better in the aspect of mana cost. You can get him out early to kill any 1/1 deathtouchers before daddy comes home.


Technically, all of this is removal, as they all can combo and loop back to give out -1 counters, and enough of those can even kill indestructable creatures. But for the sake of your sanity, these are stritcly removal cards.

Banewhip Punisher . I don't really have much to say for these. They are removal. Get rid of a pesky creature.

Biting Rain . Mass removal. Gets rid of tokens. Etc. Perfect with Archfiend of Ifnir.

Grind / Dust. Great way to get rid of zombies or gods.

Liliana, Death Wielder . Her neg. ability is just a Banewhip Punisher on a stick. Enough said.


As a youtuber once said, Your sideboard should just be based on what gets played in your playgroup. Or something like that. He said it in a couple different videos in a couple different ways. Either way, if nobody is playing Solemnity or any other detrimental artifacts or enchantments, then you probably don't need Appetite for the Unnatural. Maybe if they are playing discard or mill, you could add in more madness cards. Whatever you feel like you need.

My sideboard consists of Appetite for the Unnatural solely for Solemnity, but there are other uses for it. There are a few curses out there that can be a bit of a threat. Maybe some large Gearhulks that are still popular.

The rest of it take advantage of how good Soul-Scar Mage is by implementing burn if the original deck isn't fast enough. The burn I put in are just my picks, you could put whatever you want in there. Personally, I went with Deem Worthy as a good cycle card, so that discarding is still a thing, Heaven / Earth for pesky flyers, and Savage Alliance for the utility of getting rid of one creature, a line of creatures, or doing both at the same time, and you never know, Trample might come in handy.

As I said before, you can make the sideboard however you want. Maybe there are good delirium cards? Maybe Lightning Axe mixed with Fiery Temper wile Archfiend of Ifnir is on the field to create a 2 mana combo that creates 8 damage divided and -1's to their entire line? Whatever you want. Go nuts!

Your Personal Better Version

Yes, I'm saying it. This version is not perfect. Going budget means I had to hold off on certain amazing combos. As well as the way I wanted the deck didn't really leave room for other great spells, as I felt that if I added one, I should add the whole combo, therefore changing the whole idea of the deck. Anyway, this is a list of ways you could change out your version of the deck to possibly make it better, or just your own.

Starting off easy with land.

I went with Deserts to fuel Ifnir Deadlands, but if you don't like the idea of no basic lands, there are a couple of ways to change it.

  1. Any way you want. Go all basic land with maybe some Evolving Wilds, or put in Aether Hub. Maybe a Blighted Gorge would combo well. You could have a few copies of Blooming Marsh or the like. Possibly some Canyon Slough to keep the cycling. Whatever you want. This is just what I went with.

Full on Soul-Scar Mage.

Maybe keep all the black creatures for combos, then switch out all the noncreature spells with red burn. Maybe put some Hour of Devastation in there with some Burn from Within. Just about any burn works with this build.

-1 counters to everyone!

Basically make an improved Liliana Planeswalker deck. Ammit Eternal, Baleful Ammit , Channeler Initiate, Defiant Greatmaw , you name it. Just move counters all over the place. There are many ways to do this, but I would think Lethal Sting , Hapatra's Mark, and Decimator Beetle would be practically auto includes.

More cycling.

Simple enough, just put in more cards with cycling and cycling support. Like the Abandoned Sarcophagus so you can cycle then play a card and rarely run out of cards in hand. (Note to self: might be a good way to make a Kefnet deck)

Lands from beyond the grave.

Easy enough to explain. Just put in some Ramunap Excavator and maybe some Splendid Reclamation so that you can cycle, discard, or sac any number of lands and then play them straight from the grave.

Original Ideas.

This one is the best of them all. Looking at the cards available to you and making a deck out of it. This leads to having less likelyhood of a mirror match at a table and improves your deck building, so that all your decks or deck ideas don't come from other user made decks. This isn't to say that you can't look at other decks for inspiration, but wouldn't you feel that much better winning with your own deck that you came up with yourself and not somebody else's guaranteed to win, top tier decks? It's like winning a science fair by downloading instructions and following them to the letter.

Hope you like it ;)


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