Goal: play as many cards as possible as fast as possible without paying their mana costs. Pretty simple concept in terms of complexity of the deck.

Suggestions and +1's are very much appreciated! :-)

No budget really except for the expensive lands which are a work in progress always.


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Alright, so here are the changes. I've also changed playgroups slightly, so I think this is better tailored to the group I'm currently playing with:

-Cauldron Dance too inconsistent in terms of having creatures in both GY and hand.-Kokusho, the Evening Star not powerful enough without having a reliable way to loop him in and out of the GY-Magister Sphinx also not powerful enough. Fun spite card though :-)-Cataclysm not consistent enough, I don't have the board state all the time to pull it off consistently-Lurking Predators too slow in the deck-Decimate kind of random, and too conditional-Unexpected Results definitely too random, and inconsistent-Progenitus just a big creature really, not much use other than that

+Mystic Remora drawing cards is good I hear :-)+Deadeye Navigator there are enough creatures with etb effects that I can justify putting him in here for some fun for now.+Seedborn Muse not sure exactly why he's in here but seems good with the navigator and Leyline of Anticipation and to be able to tutor after tapping out+Thran Dynamo more ramp! The faster and more consistent, the better+Leyline of Anticipation I have few instants that don't tutor, so if all my cards are instants, then that seems good :-)+Mirari's Wake more ramp again!+Consecrated Sphinx card advantage is wonderful+Chromatic Lantern ramp + fixing? Sounds good!

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