Lots of token creatures and counters. It has answers, but often violence is the answer. Basically we make Things that have Thingies.

Sometimes your opponents have better creatures than you. Cryptoplasm, Stunt Double , Clone Legion and Cackling Counterpart can fix that.

Have Ezuri out and need a quick XP boost to start the Sage of Hours loop? Cast Wurmcalling with Kicker to allow recasting to make a couple low power creatures (or a nice Fatty for end game), Kessig Cagebreakers,or my new favorite: Arachnogenesis (followed closely by Hornet Nest

We've got bounces, we've got token generators, and counters? Boy do we have counters!

Want to play a big card cheap? That's here too thanks to Elvish Piper and even with cheap mana from Cryptolith Rite.

With all the mana you'll be ramping with tappable cheap creatures and land tutors, you'll always think back fondly of the days when they removed mana burn from the rules.

Ezuri will swarm you with an evergrowing army that keeps getting stronger and stronger while you grow weary.


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