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They're triplets but I just see the twins

Commander / EDH Control W/U/B (Esper)



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While the Triplets charm you with their charms, you won't even realize your ass is getting handed to you.

Main Combos:

Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank = instamillThopter Assembly+time seive = infinite turnsSword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry = unlimited thopters

Mimic Vat + Mindslaver + Tezzeret's Touch = keep bringing back that Mindslaver every turn!

Mimic Vat some of the sphinxes to get some great effectsUse Master Transmuter to swap a thopter for a Platinum Angel or one of the Sphinxes

Yeah, Mr. Opponent... those 4 12/12 creatures you got there are cute... It would be a shame if... someone were to drop Shriveling Rot and then one of the several board wipes in this deck...

Or you could drop Revel in Riches before a wipe and if there are enough creatures wiped, you have a win con. If you're then still too short on treasures for that wincon, Spell Swindle will help fix that.

Someone planning to destroy your wincon artifact before you can set it off, like your Time Sieve or Thopter Assembly, etc? Drop Tezzeret's Touch so if they do, it goes back to your hand (and a good way to avoid paying a Commander tax once)

Since Sen Triplets lets you cast from Opponent's hand, Piracy and Celestial Dawn help you cast things.

Oh damn, your opponent dropped a gross fatty? Yeah, we have a lot of spot removal for that, but why not just Rite of Replication kicked and get 5 of them for yourself?

Have fun, y'all!


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