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They said I couldn't make an Ooze deck

Modern Aggro Casual Mono-Green Tribal



So I did. I shut my ears as people said "If you ooze, Yule Ooze !"(get it? you'll lose?), and I made my dream come to life.

The two stars of the deck are Manaplasm and Predator Ooze . Manaplasm hits hard early game, and when my hand is emptied, and I have nothing to boost him with, that is when Predator Ooze starts picking up the slack. Because while they were busy dealing with Manaplasm swinging for large amounts of damage, my Predator Ooze was slowly amassing counters. And if they both fail, and end up in the GY, Scavenging Ooze will make use of them!

Now let's get down to what makes the deck tick. The first is the incredible combo between Tower Above and Manaplasm. Swinging with an 11/11 Wither Trample creature on turn three (with the help of an Elvish Mystic) is nothing to laugh about. Tower above also works well with Predator Ooze , since it will force a creature to block, giving Predator Ooze extra counters. Hell, I can even put it on an Acidic Slime if I'm desperate for some removal.

Elvish Mystic and Wall of Roots help me get aggressive faster, since Oozes aren't cheap to cast, and neither are my spells.

Speaking of expensive spells, let's talk about Overwhelming Stampede! As with Tower Above , it has great synergy with Manaplasm, since as I play it, it will give the Manaplasm a +5/+5 boost, then it will give the rest of my creatures (including Manaplasm a huge buff. If this card comes out, your opponent will be sweating as he is charged down by ridiculously beefy oozes.

Rancor is best buds with Predator Ooze , since he doesn't care about his toughness. Giving it to Manaplasm also helps the big damage get through. Put it on a Mitotic Slime so when he dies, you can put it on one of the smaller Mitotic Slimes!

The Slime Bros (Acidic Slime and Mitotic Slime) are mostly here for Ooze flavor, however they still pull their weight, buffing Manaplasm and working as removal.

Lastly, I don't need to tell you about Scavenging Ooze. He's just a straight up good card.

Tell me what you think! I'm bringing it to FNM soon just to see what people say.


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I removed Rancor, Revenge of the Hunted, Sakura-Tribe Elder and Overwhelming Stampede. Right now I'm just trying out different cards, seeing what works best.

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